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l DragonLance l (3:00:23 AM): *random OOC moment* *squalo leaps over a couch and tackles dino to the ground hugging him tightly around the neck as he nuzzles his face which is slowly turning blue*

scontrodirodine (3:06:36 AM): ::gasping for breath:: Ch-Che cazzo voui, Squalo!! You're gonna kill me!!

l DragonLance l (3:11:04 AM): VOOI!! shut up!! :continues to snuggle contently practically purring in delight:

scontrodirodine (3:11:47 AM): *chokes, dies*

l DragonLance l (3:12:40 AM): *looks down at the dead corpse* Well..that's something I've never tried before *wicked gleam as he lets his hand trail down dino's chest*

scontrodirodine (3:12:54 AM): *is ded*

l DragonLance l (3:15:38 AM): *his fingers work at the button and he slowly pulls the zipper down sinfully slow* Hamuma..are you sure you don't to play? Making me do all the work is boring *he blows into his ear*

scontrodirodine (3:16:01 AM): *iz still ded but interested*

l DragonLance l (3:19:27 AM): *looks down at the telltale stirrings in his loins* Your body seems to want to have fun...aren't you going to say something about that *dips hand underneath the denin material, leisurely making circular patterns above his prize*

scontrodirodine (3:20:20 AM): *was asphyxiated*

l DragonLance l (3:23:42 AM): *uses his other free hand to brush at the hair falling into Dino's face* hm...well if you're dead...

l DragonLance l (3:23:43 AM): I guess it's the only time I can tell you this *the other hand trails a line from base to tip* You know, before Xanxus...I thought I loved you.

scontrodirodine (3:24:53 AM): ....
scontrodirodine (3:26:48 AM): *folds arms over face* You stupid fucking fish, why would you tell me something like that...?

l DragonLance l (3:28:29 AM): *toothy grin* Oh!! So you ARE awake *lets his fingernail catch slightly on the slit before repeating the motion* I don't want to live with any regrets hameuma...I have no problems telling you the truth.

scontrodirodine (3:32:08 AM): *groans and bucks hips, wrapping his arms around Squalo* Then why the hellllllll, didn't you tell me that sooner! I would've...I mean things could have been different!!

l DragonLance l (3:35:29 AM): *his face pressed against dino's chest and for a moment squalo wonders the same thing. this warmth...he had missed it. He closes his eyes just as he wrapps his fingers along the length pumping ever so torturously slow* I know...I wish they could have been.

scontrodirodine (3:49:20 AM): *makes a sound that's somewhere in between a moan and a sob as he thrusts his hips in time with the hand* What the hell is wrong with you? How could you trade what we had for someone who couldn't give two shits about you? It wasn't perfect but I fucking loved you! *grabs Squalo by the hair and tugs him up to meet his mouth bruisingly*

l DragonLance l (1:43:53 AM): *he winced feeling the pain in his scalp his teeth biting down on dino's lip as he kissed him harshly. He had his reasons...Dino was safe, and Squalo had not wanted safe, he needed dangerous, he needed someone who didn't care so much, cause he know that if he gave out his heart it'd be riped to pieces. even has his hand worked jerkily upon dino's cock even has he tasted the bitter tang of blood on his lips, he knew that was all he could have. He thrusted his tongue within dino's mouth battling for dominance the way he would in a swordfight fisting his fingers tightly within those blond locks*

scontrodirodine (2:34:05 AM): "Mmph..." Dino moaned into Squalo's mouth at the retaliatory hair pulling. He couldn't help the tears that overwhelmed his eyes as he distantly felt his heart breaking all over again with this encounter.
"Mmph..." Dino moaned into Squalo's mouth at the retaliatory hair pulling. He couldn't help the tears that overwhelmed his eyes as he distantly felt his heart breaking all over again with this encounter.
Somewhere in the back of his mind he'd always held the distant hope that he'd be able to sway Squalo away from Xanxus' side and to come back to him. But this just felt so final...So...finished that even as he thrust into Squalo's hand, feeling himself get closer and closer to comming, he couldn't help the tears that mourned the climax of their relationship. " Il mio amore stupido, non sto andando mai smettere di preoccuparmi per voi {My stupid love, I'll never stop caring for you}" He panted against, Squalo's lips even as he spilled himself over the others hand.

l DragonLance l (2:58:26 AM): *he marveled for a brief moment Dino's flushed cheeks, his harsh panting, the silver of crimson blood from their bruising kiss lingering on his lips like a tattoo. He was breathtaking.
He stealed himself though...there was still something he had to do though a part of his heart, the part he thought he had killed, that ached at the thought. Brining his hand towards his own mouth he sucked on his digits letting his tongue dart out to lick between the fingers.
He still tasted the fucking same he hoped the rest was too. barely allowing the young man under him more time to breath he lifted up slightly onto his knees, roughly pulling dino's pants down to his ankles before swiftly unzipping his own restrained cock from its refines.
Yes this was how it should be rough and unfeeling, a means for release, no feelings no ache. he forcefully turned him towards the ground making sure to push his head down harshly...cold...cold like the varia he was...* Sorry love, this might sting a little *Dino on hands and knees before him and he could already feel the heat within him coiling at the thought before slipping in his slightly slicked finger into the velvety warmth*

scontrodirodine (8:18:39 PM): Before he was exactly lucid again, he felt himself being moved and felt that he was still crying.
He barely registered Squalo's words before he felt that finger slid into him and had to bite back a yelp at the sudden intrusion.
Leaving little doubt as to where Squalo intended this tryst to go, he pushed back into that finger with a moan, straining against Squalo's hand that forced his face into the carpet
as he felt it start to burn at the friction he was creating with his thrusts. "Che cazzo, Squalo, you don't-" Insert breathy moan "-ha-have to hold me down!!"

l DragonLance l (10:57:25 PM): *Smirking at the wantom display he continues to thrust his finger in deeply loving the obscene wet sounds as his hole spasmed around the digit.
l DragonLance l (10:57:32 PM): He complied as he heard dino's request, though more so that he could cup dino's ass, kneeding at the flesh before giving it a resound slap* You look a whore you know ...*he adds another finger roughly watching the way Dino's hips snapped up to meet in regardless of his earlier protests* But ur mine today...

scontrodirodine (1:24:54 AM): Thrusting back even more once his neck was released, Dino felt his breath catch at the slap to his ass and he hiss at the sting of the second finger added. Rising on his knees, he hooked his arms around Squalo's neck, pulling his head down to lock their lips again. "Potrei essere il vostro per sempre lo ho avuto carente esso...{I could have been yours forever had you wanted it...}" He panted and cried out when Squalo's fingers brushed against the bundle of nerves inside him. "Squalo, hurry the hell up!"

l DragonLance l (1:48:00 AM): *A beat...and his heart truly felt like it would never do so again after hearing those words...Che..fuck that erase that!! slice that shit sideways until it's nothing but trash!!
he didn't want to care! He wasn't suppose to...He pressed upon the bundle fiercely watching as it made Dino's back arch up and quiver as he gasp out a wanton moan.
He pulled his fingers bringing his hand to his mouth swiped his tongue against his palm, almost getting a hint of of Dino's taste upon his fingers.He could feel his cock jump at the vulgarity of the though...fuck he was hot... he practically ripped open his pants just to free him of the restricted confines and pumped the saliva slicked hand along his shaft once, twice and that's as prepared as he felt ready for before placing the tip of the head at the entrance*
You're not a fucking girl and i'm not going to fucking treat you like one either! *before he even gave time to adjust he thrust deeply within him grunting in effort his eyes rolling back slightly at the feel of the tight heat surrounding him*

scontrodirodine (2:37:26 AM): Had he been able to breath, Dino would have screamed at the sudden intrusion. It was too much, much to fast and there was a brief moment where he felt like he had passed out from the sharp increase in pain. On second thought, he was sure he had, as he came to his senses in time to put his hands out to stop from falling back onto his face. The motion from falling out, increasing the pain, he was distantly aware that he was taking huge gulps of breath by this time. Righting himself again (because he was no dog dammit and he would not be fucked into the carpet) He braced his hands against the wall and pushed back tentatively, wincing and crying out as it still hurt more than he could take. "Se vi muovete prima che faccia, voi pesci scopanti pessimi sono taglio esso fuori ed alimentandolo a Belphegor...{If you move before I do, you fucking fish, I'll cut it off and feed it to Belphegor...}" He closed his eyes and concentrated on willing away the pain and focusing on the hint of pleasure that he could feel somewhere in the midst of that sharp blood red that was clouding his mind. He gritted his teeth and pushed back slowly, hissing at the stinging and burning, and repeating the action as it lessoned, each time Squalo's cock moved inside him.

l DragonLance l (2:21:40 AM): *FUCK was what continueously played over and over in his mind as he felt his cock be sucked in inched my inch into that heavenly heat. The urge to just pushed forward was strong but a small part of him listened to Dino's words letting him adjust as he pushed back onto him. Yes fucking god yes this was what he fucking needed fucking raw and lust. " *The slow shit could only get him so far, and this wasn't love damnit...this was fucking goodbye. Dino had his time and now it was his turn, without even a second thought he rammed forwards harshly changing his angle knowing he reached the spot as he heard the fucking sweet sound he was making. harder fucking harder that was his mantra now. Each thurst shoving Dino more and more against the wall, his cheek pressed tightly where it laid his back arching in a an angle that he was sure wasn't fucking comfortable but this wasn't time to play nice. His hips practically pistoned into him and he can he could feel and see a trickle of blood leaking out and fuck if that wasnt a good enough lube for all he cared. Even at this thought he still maneuvered his hands towards Dino's neglected cock wrapping his fingeres tightly and pumping it in time with each backwards thrust*

scontrodirodine (3:37:33 AM): He should have known that Squalo would only listen to his threat for a moment before the 'Varia Mentality' took over and he decided that Dino wasn't worth listening to anymore, Only fucking. He bit back another scream as Squalo pushed forward roughly and kept up his speed. Dino was vaguely certain that he was going to break in half from the treatment and something in his pain/pleasure-filled body was breaking inside at the thought that Squalo didn't even care enough about him anymore to be gentle (as gentle as a shark could be) He reestablished his balance against the wall, refusing to be pushed down as if her was submissive the the sonnuvabitch plugging away at his ass. He nearly came the moment a hand wrapped around his cock,instead holding his concentration by not focusing on the blood that he wasn't surprise to see dripping in between his thighs, and switching it instead to cursing Squalo in the foulest language he could think of, not just in language but in undertone as well."Vaffanculo, Squalo! Dite che assomiglio ad una prostituta, quando siete quello che whoring fuori a Xanxus per che cosa? Fa lui mai lascilo superare? Può dare la testa come posso, pesce scopante stupido? State vendendo un benz con bici e rend contoere che abbastanza presto!{Fuck you, Squalo! You say I look like a whore, when you are the one whoring himself out to Xanxus for what? Does he ever let you top? Can he give head like I can, stupid fucking fish? You are trading a benz for a bike and you will realize that soon enough.}"

l DragonLance l (6:21:24 PM): *his thrusting paused momentarily at those words and he gritted his teeth, pissed off at this fucking assholes shit. He rammed forward in one harsh stroke, leaning close to Dino's ear as he grabbed a handfull of his blond hair*
Why don't you use that pretty fucking mouth for something else you little shit!! This isn't about fucking Xanxus, It's about FUCKING YOU!!*he mashed their lips together in a painful clash of teeth and lips making sure to bite down on Dino's bottom one fiercely sucking onto it and letting the tang of the newly fresh wound fall upon is tongue before pulling away with a wet sucking pop. His eariler thrusts renewed with quick short stabs against THAT spot yanking back blond tresses hard enough to practically rip out hair* No more fucking talking!! * he spat out as he looked into his eyes...fuck...he turned Dino's head back against the wall, he couldn't stare at that visage a moment longer, he needed to finish this. His other hand continued its work along Dino's length squeezing everytime he hit the base and twisting as he hit the head his thumb pressing along the slit and dragging precum back on the way down. Yes..this wasn't love...He wasn't quite sure who he was telling that to anymore though.

scontrodirodine (6:33:04 PM): Even without the order, Dino doubted very much that he would have been able to gather the shattered peices of his mind long enough to form even the bases of sentances at this point. He was so far gone at this point that he barely even registered the kiss, or that his face was being pressed against the wall. The only thing he could concentrate on was that pleasure so acute that it was turning even more painful than the pain before had been and thrusting back to force Squalo even deeper and Squalo's hand on his dick, jerking him off expertly. The only thing he could concentrate on was that pleasure so acute that it was turning even more painful than the pain before had been and thrusting back to force Squalo even deeper into his body to keep over over THAT spot. and Squalo's hand on his dick, jerking him off expertly. His throat was started to go raw from the harsh pants that those duel sensations pulled out of and as much as he wanted to hold it, as much as he wanted to dely it because it would also mean the absolute end of his relationship with his first love,he came with a harsh gasp, once again over Squalo's hand and had to lean against the wall to keep on his feet.

l DragonLance l (7:37:38 PM): *spurts of cum drizzled over his hand in long ropey white strings as he continued to milk his cock of it all. Dinos voice was nothing but a ragged breath, inhaling and exhaling even as he continued to thrust into him. He could feel his own completion coming, his balls tighting even as he leaned over Dino's form his face hovering over the the crook of his neck. his breath was raspy and the urge to kiss that expanse of skin was strong his lips hovering a breath a way. Just as he felt his release hit the warm sensations of cum filling Dino, HIS all Fucking HIS!...the urge was there but he fucking killed it by biting down up that creamy shoulder feeling the skin break as he continued to it out. Even as he felt he last of it dribble out of Dino's ass, a red tinge tainting it. He wasn't sure when he had shut his eyes ...or when his hearted started to clench painfully at what he knew he must do. He pulled out while pushing Dino roughly to the ground.* Heh...Knew saying the the fucking 'L" word would get me what i wanted. *His body felt like it was shutting down as he spoke* I'm done with you...*turning around he tucked himself back into his pants his hair whipping out behind him as he reached the door. He could here a strange sound coming from the prone figure behind him. He gripped the door frame tightly his knuckles becoming white as the force though he kept himself from turning around to look at Dino* I'm fucking assassin....and you're too soft for me.*yes...a fucking killer...even to his own heart...even as he felt hot moisture gather at the corner of his eyes.* Goodbye Hameuma

scontrodirodine (8:01:38 PM): Dino chuckled to himself as he sank slowly down the wall, wincing at his ass hit the floor and watched the interesting mixture of bodily fluids seep out of him and between his thighs.He should have known better than to believe for a moment that Squalo might have been doing this for some other reason than pure selfishness.He leaned his head back against the wall and stared at the head of silver hair that was retreating from the room after dismissing him. "You know, Reborn beat the shit out of me when I told him I was in love with you. Fucking you was fine. But bringing actual feelings into it? Taboo for the Cavallone heir to even consider having a member of a disgraced family like the Superbia as a partner." He dragged himself to his feet with a shuddering breath and leaned against the wall as he tried to make his way into the bathroom. "He said that anyone who came from a traitorous family like that was nothing better than trash and that I would see one day. But you know, I so fucking gone over you that I refused to listen. It was the first time, I'd ever actually disagreed with him..." He couldn't help but laugh heartily at that as he dragged himself to the bathroom door and leaned against it. "Shows what I know. Arrivederci, Imperatore della spada" He murmured as he made his way into the bathroom and slammed the door behind himself. Finally releasing the damn on the sobs he'd been holding in as he sagged against the back of the door,refusing to let Squalo see or hear the effect his treatment had had on his once-lover. He wouldn't ever let himself be put in a vulnerable situation like that again.

l DragonLance l (8:18:32 PM): *cruel words...each one a fucking stab into his already wounded heart and he wondered briefly who the fucking real swordsman was when it felt as if a sword had just been thrusted into his chest.The slam of the door reverberated loudly with the room each echo a reminder that it was truly over. He brought his fingers to his eyes wiping away at the tears that seemed to have formed there...he was suppose to be strong...he was suppose to be able to do this...but right now he felt weak and pathetic and his heart ached. he almost turned around..almost made himself slam up against that door. the words I'm sorry were practically trying to crawl out of his throat but he choked them down even as tears streamed down his cheeks* Arrivederci il mio amore.*he rasped out as he walked away.*